As technology advances, so do the tools used to access your private data. To protect yourself and your information, you’ll need the proper equipment to defend against these evolving security threats.

Keep Your Data Safe

You shouldn’t have to understand the intricacies of cyber security to protect your online data. Knit is the perfect solution for security and peace of mind.

The Knit system provides industry standard security for your most sensitive and private data. Traditional methods of storage, such as filing cabinets or unsecured files on your PC, can leave you feeling frustrated with the lack of security, access, and organization to documents, passwords, and ID’s.

Stay Protected

With Knit, you have unmatched security and organization for documents, data, and other sensitive information. Keep your data safe from every kind of threat, including internet hackers, unauthorized personnel, water/fire damage, and accidental leaks with the unrivaled security that comes with the Knit system.

Your privacy matters most of all, and Knit ensures that only you and those you want to have access to your information can do so.

Bank-Level Security

Cloud-Based App

Take Control of Your Digital Life

Total Control

Knit proudly offers bank-level security for all of your most sensitive information, such as passwords, personal identification information, medical records, and anything else you choose to include. Our system also makes it incredibly easy to share this information with those who need it. Not only can you grant access to a select few, but you’ll have complete control over their level and length of access. When you use Knit, you’re in total control of your information and its security.

Knit is a cloud-based app that allows you to securely upload, organize, and grant access to your information in one centralized location, saving you time, money, and frustration.


Say goodbye to disorganization and endless time spent managing passwords and documents. 


Keep track of your familys important documents and never worry about losing a card while moving again.


Nothing is more important than keeping track of your company’s documents or financial records.


Maintain the safety of your entire organization’s data and make sharing a breeze.