Managing the endless tasks of daily life can be overwhelming. Knit is here to help.

Organized and Free

You can ease the frustration of disorganization and the fear of your personal data getting into the wrong hands with our revolutionary cloud-based app that securely stores and organizes your personal information in one, easy-to-access location. Knit’s Personal Package is ideal for individuals seeking organization and freedom in their lives.

Stay Organized Forever

This package is perfect for people who want to get their personal information, important documents, and daily life organized and under control. From your ever-growing collection of passwords to highly sensitive data, such as your Social Security number and birth certificate, Knit provides a space to store it all safely and share it with those who need it.

With Knit, your information is ready to go when you are. You’ll have all of your life’s important information in one place and have easy access to it whenever you need it. You can also share access to all or part of your information with those you trust, so your loved ones can help manage your affairs if you’re in an emergency. With Knit, you have complete control.

Be Organized

Save Your Time

Save Your Money

Take Control of Your Digital Life


If you’re tired of endless piles of paper and clutter, or the digital abyss of passwords and logins, take control of your life once and for all—get organized with the Knit Personal Package!

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Never waste your precious time again fumbling around accounts, passwords, and documents.

Share Information

Keep the right people in the loop and never lose important legal or business documents again.