Share Information

Knit is here to help you share your selected information with the people and businesses that need it.

Your Inner Circle

From passwords to legal documents, there will inevitably be times in your life when you need to share your private information with family members and those you trust. Knit makes it easier than ever to share your important information with your inner circle, while still maintaining the same bank-level security your data deserves.

Stay At Ease

Knit exists to ease the frustration of trying to organize and share a multitude of forms, documents, and digital data all while remaining secure. With Knit, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your family and loved ones are equipped with the information they need in any circumstance. Sharing data with family should never jeopardize state-of-the-art encryption or accessibility. With Knit – you don’t have to!

Keep Track of Everything

Cloud-Based App

Take Control of Your Digital Life

Steamlined Information

The information-sharing ability of Knit is also perfect for providing information to third parties who need access to certain information, but not all information. For example, when obtaining insurance or mortgage quotes, you have the ability to share the required application information without the need of a “burner” email or having to input the same information over and over again. Knit truly streamlines all of the information without compromise, saving you time and allowing you the freedom to enjoy every moment.

Download the Knit app today to get started!


Say goodbye to disorganization and endless time spent managing passwords and documents. 


Keep track of your familys important documents and never worry about losing a card while moving again.


Nothing is more important than keeping track of your company’s documents or financial records.


Maintain the safety of your entire organization’s data and make sharing a breeze.