With our Enterprise package, you receive the pinnacle of Knit’s capabilities.

No More Lost Information

Keep your entire organization’s data protected and organized in one secure location, making teamwork effortless and data transfer a breeze. What’s more, enter all of your organization’s data one time and enjoy safety without sacrificing convenience—no more lost information or disorganized filing systems. Knit will streamline your workflow and increase productivity with the most secure data storage technology available.

Peace of Mind

It’s more important than ever to be confident your organization of business’ information is organized and accessible, while protecting it with the most stringent security measures. Enjoy unrivaled value with this package, as your entire organization’s data can be managed with ease. You’ll have peace of mind knowing all of the information stored within Knit is safe, secure, and under your complete control.

Be Organized

Save Your Time

Save Your Money

Take Control of Your Digital Life


With Knit, you and the members of your organization will save time, money, and energy while gaining ultimate control over your private information. Say goodbye to disorganization, frustration, and unauthorized access to your most sensitive data. You’ll feel empowered with this system’s utility at the organizational level as it gives you unmatched confidence in the structure and security your company needs.

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Never waste your precious time again fumbling around accounts, passwords, and documents.

Share Information

Keep the right people in the loop and never lose important legal or business documents again.